James Fine Art Collection - Artist - Sherry Crawford

     " Mouseworks" 

   Digital Portraits, Landscapes, Animals, Birds & Abstracts


Acrylic Paintings

Oil on Canvas

Pencil Portraits

An amazing story aboutt Jeff and Freedom, the Eagle! 
Well Worth the 'click' !

'Metis Voyageur'

Seven Grandfather Teachings
Love  Respect  Wisdom  Truth  Honesty  Bravery  Humility

Those who seem like wolves, teeth bared, ready to attack us....are really here to teach us each of these things!  The messengers come in all shapes and sizes, colors and with smiles on their faces!!!

We truly have received the messages, when we can see these wolves... as teachers, who really come to teach us 'unconditional'  Love ! 
Miigwetch Grandfathers!

Abstract with Oil Pastel



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